Entropy refers to the degree of disorder in a system. Starting from this concept, each piece is a fragment, a variation of Entropy transposed artistically to our scale: socially, politically, humanly.

It may be the temperature that rises during a carnal rapprochement between several bodies in Mercury. Or a population that rises in a system on the verge of asphyxiation in Uprising. Or even the disintegration of matter and the emerging disorder in Lost Work. Energy is omnipresent.

Each track is therefore a key to understanding which, once gathered, forms a whole. One-way reading. Round melodies and sung vocals give way to instrumentation in its most messy form.

Order is only temporary, and sooner or later chaos will come. Our emotions, our sensations are anchored in every grain of time. Should they degrade? Should we expect, on our scale, a shift in the established order?

“The stone erodes and turns into sand, never in the opposite direction. »